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We are committed to servicing and supporting every piece of equipment we build. The service provided is second to none, just ask our customers. A dedicated, knowledgeable staff of service technicians is available that is skilled in all facets of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and electronics. Our "Service Hotline" assures prompt, courteous service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide unlimited free telephone service to our original equipment purchasers for as long as they own our line, even after the warranty period expires. Our service is complemented by a remote connection that links your equipment directly to our Service Department. This remote connection allows for a quick response to issues by troubleshooting and performing system diagnostics via a high speed internet connection. In addition, our systems are equipped with extensive onboard diagnostics that quickly identify the issue and suggest possible corrective actions.

DELTA for Industrial Solutions is a company specializing in importing and manufacturing industrial machinery, metal forming machinery, including Laser Cutting, pressure and bending machines. The company has considerable experience in the industrial foundation and expansion projects management is available.

Several important advantages, including:

• A strong technological base, and first-class specializes in equipment.

• Specialized management team, sales team marketing team and after-sales service.

• Analysis of the effectiveness and cost of the customers special needs.

• Extensive experience in sales, import and provide industrial equipment.

• Applying the quality systems

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